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Management and Crop Consulting

Running a greenhouse operation is a complicated matter. Management decisions depend on what is happening in the greenhouse, and how the crop develops depends on management’s decisions. A consultant is a valuable addition to your team, to guide staff and bring in further information needed to help make educated decisions. HortiSource will use the latest information and technologies available to guide the decisions to be made.

During periodic visits, the consultant will look at the crop and discuss with the grower(s) how the crop is developing, and what steps or changes are required to continue to maximize production. In between visits, HortiSource can be contacted by email or phone for continued backup.

After each visit, HortiSource provides management with a written report. The consultant can also take water samples and prescribe fertilizer combinations.
At HortiSource, we pride ourselves on the fact that we always keep economics in mind. The experience of owning and managing greenhouse operations is a valuable asset when determining the best way to meet and exceed targets. Heat and water management are becoming more and more a hot topic as it will determine the future of operations with regards to sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural production. Urban farming, growing without daylight and Local4Local production are enjoying a growing interest and are new ways to keep food available in a fresh and sustainable way.

Management and Grower Training

With a booming industry it is increasingly difficult to find trained and experienced (sub) management. HortiSource Consulting is offering the possibility to train and support your staff to grow within. This option helps to stimulate and motivate your staff and show them a great future in the company. HortiSource’s 40-plus years of practical experience forms the basis of the training offered.

Please inquire about an outline of our program.

Project Development
Developing and building a greenhouse expansion, or planning and building a brand new greenhouse operation, is a capital investment that has to last for many years. You may need a set up that is built with the latest hydroponic or organic growing technology, or sustainable and environmentally friendly production insight. HortiSource has the knowledge and contacts to get you the best value to fit your circumstances.

HortiSource can provide different levels of service. We can check your plans for you. We can design a project for you and have contractors bid on the project. We can do construction progress assessments. Or we can set up a turn-key project from start to finish. It’s up to you to decide.

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